Blossom underwire bra

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The Blossom bra is a gorgeous addition to your lingerie wardrobe.

The fabric cups are designed for a beautiful supportive shape while the low centre front gives just a hint of cleavage. Scalloped lace features across the front frame and through the straps adding a feminine touch.

Add your creative flair by layering an all over lace or a print to your cups.
Your design and sewing skills will blossom with the Blossom bra!

Sizes included
AU 8 – 26 cup sizes A – F
(UK 30 – 48 cup sizes A – F)
(US 30 – 48 cups sizes A – G)
(EU 65 – 110 cup sizes A – G)

Advanced Beginner and Intermediate sewing level.


The Blossom bra is made with fabric cups and a lace frame. Suggested fabrics and all requirements are listed below.

The pattern is recommended for the intermediate to advanced sewer.

Suggested fabrics

Cup fabric – approx 30cm (1/3yd)
Rigid or low stretch fabrics. The cup fabric needs to be stable and lightweight with low stretch.
Duoplex, simplex, lightweight stretch crepe, rigid embroidered tulle.
Stretch fusing can be used to stabilise the cup fabrics. You might also like to layer your cup fabric with a lightweight all over lace, print or mesh.

Cup lining – approx 30cm (1/3yd)
Sheer nylon or lightweight fabric with limited stretch. Bra tulle, polytulle.

Lace – at least 15cm – 17cm (6”- 7”) wide – approx 1.5mts (1 1/2 yds)
Galloon lace with a scallop edge, can be stretch or rigid – higher sizes require wider width.

Stabiliser – approx 30cm (1/3yd)
Sheer fabric with limited to no stretch. 15 denier sheer nylon, strong tulle.

Back fabric – approx 30cm (1/3yd)
Power net, stretch mesh. This should have good stretch and strong recovery.

Narrow elastic or nylon bra tape – 50cm (1/2yd)
6mm (1/4”) woven elastic or soft bra tape. To be used on the inside of straps.

Shoulder straps – 70cm (27”)
10mm (3/8”), 12mm (1/2”) or 15mm (5/8”) depending on size.

Underbust elastic – 1.50mts (1.6yds) Picot lingerie elastic is recommended.
A / B cups – 12mm (1/2”), C / D / DD cups – 15mm (5/8)” E / F cups – 20mm (3/4”)

Underarm elastic – 1mt (1.1yds)
A / B / C cups – 10mm (3/8”), D / DD/ E / F cups – 12mm (1/2”)

Underwires Bra Makers Supply regular underwires are recommended WR30 – WR 56, or a similar shape wire.

Underwire casing – 1mt (1.1yds) Plush underwire casing 10mm (3/8”) wide

Boning/satin casing – recommended for the higher cup sizes.
8mm (5/16”) wide flat boning for side seams and 12mm (1/2”) satin bias binding for boning casing.

Slides x 2 and rings x 2 for adjustable shoulder straps.

Hook and eye – Sizes 20mm (3/4”) , 38mm (1 1/2”), 56mm (21/4”), 75mm (3”) depending on size.

Sewing machine needles – Stretch or Microtex needles. Sizes recommended – 70/10 or 75/11.

The Blossom bra is offered in these sizes –
AU 8 – 26 cup sizes A – F
(UK bra size 30 – 48 cup sizes A – F)
(US bra size 30 – 48 cups sizes A – F)
(EU bra size 65 – 110 cup sizes A – G)

Detailed instructions are given to help you determine your size. Full measurement chart is below.

Both imperial and metric measurements are used in the tutorial

There are 2 pdf files included. The pattern file consists of 42 pages. The cup sizes are grouped together, so you only need to print out your cup size (6 pages) A 33 page tutorial includes detailed instructions with colour illustrations. If you haven’t made an underwire bra before, the instructions will walk you through each and every step. You can choose to view the tutorial on a screen or print it out.

The patterns are computer generated, and are full sized including all pieces, which will print on your home computer on either letter or A4 paper. The patterns are colour coded by size and feature a layers function, so you only need print out your size / cup size.

Blossom bra

Website blossom sizing

Please be aware that you are buying a sewing pattern PDF download and not an actual item.

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